Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Today the non-racing wing of teamFIRE declared their independence and headed for Cortland instead of Seward. Nicol (wait a minute, she races all the time), Kevin (oops, RacerBoy is racing on Sunday), and Jen and me (both much more dedicated to our non-racing than the other two) rode out at a nice relaxed pace to Cortland and Hallam, with a stop for toast and coffee at the tavern in Cortland.

The owner of the tavern was a hoot - evidently cyclists don't stop there much, and she wants to get more to stop by. She was even talking about installing a bike rack in an air-conditioned room (I guess in case the bikes are hot and sweaty after riding out from Lincoln). We even got some souvenir pens out of the deal.

Good weather, a leg friendly pace, and interesting conversation - Nicol confessing her vulnerability, Jen describing some of the parties she's hosted, Kevin getting stiff (after sitting too long at the tavern), and me telling the black walnut ice cream story for the 1,327,546th time in the last week and a half - all made for a good ride. All that was missing were some biscuits and Gravy.


absandahl said...

I haven't told the "black walnut ice cream" story nearly that many times, but it never fails to elicit a hearty laugh from those hearing it for the first time. And this is in spite of the fact that I am a lousy story/joke teller!

Bob K said...

It's funny, because everytime I tell that story, the reaction I see in my audience perfectly reflects the reaction Bob T. and I had when we heard the exchange the first time at the steakhouse in Neligh.

gravy said...

Gravy was plenty busy that morning... busy is a form of lazy, right?