Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New discovery via bike

I have the Antelope Valley mess to thank for introducing me to a new pitstop on my commute. I've been riding past the Cup the past couple weeks as I've been rerouted around the construction at Randolph and Normal Blvd.

Finally stopped in to check it out on my way to work this morning. Awesome pastries! Packed up a cinnamon roll in my pannier, microwaved it upon arrival at work and walahh -- delicious!

I tend to miss places like this driving. It'll be a frequent bike stop.


Adrian_O said...

I have seen that on my way in also. I would like to stop by the "tortilleria" and check it out. If it's a true tortilleria then my search for good tortillas are over!

gravy said...

hmmmmm... cinni rolls are racer food now?

hoo noo?

kevinW said...

I'm redefining the word "racer" one cinnamon roll at a time.