Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The 'ol bike switcheroo

So just for kicks, the infamous da terminator and I swapped bikes for the week. She's cruising around on my Surly Crosscheck while I'm commuting on her Bianchi San Jose singlespeed.

The two bikes are similar, yet completely different. Same frame size (steel) and ride comfort (fatter tires). But different in that I have full fenders and gears on the C-Check while the spartan-looking San Jose has nothing but brakes/cables hanging on it. The first couple times I've ridden it, I want to reach for the bar-end shifter.

And wouldn't ya know it -- the forecast calls for rain today -- enjoy those fenders Terminator!

All in all, kinda fun to cruise around on something "new" for a little while. Who knows, maybe this singlespeed thing will grow on me -- I've got two bikes that would be good singlespeed candidates.


gravy said...

Hey everybody, guess who's committed to running for city council?!?

I vote that KevinW should be committed! Let's make this happen people!

kevinW said...

Committed? Some people would vote for that.

da terminator said...

I already rode through some puddles to check out how those fenders work. Nice!

kevinW said...

I knew you'd come around. BTW -- I dropped by MWC over lunch and chopped your bars. I'm a hipster!


nicol said...

Haahaaa! :D