Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Duathlon - final results

Best Team Kit - Gravy and Kew in the Hawaiian getup

Best Team Name - Kim and Bobbie (Bonfire in my Pants)

Best Performance by a Ringer - tie between Kevin M. and Peter B.

Toughest Performance - Da Term for running when she expected to be biking

Most Generous Performance - Gravy, for not pulling away from me while my wife was watching

First team to the bar - Gravy and Kew

Anybody else have any other awards to give?

Tomorrow I head out to the Tour de Nebraska.  I'll try to send some pics to my Facebook account while I'm gone, otherwise expect to see lots of pics when I get back.  Have a good week, everybody.


kew said...

Have fun on TDN Bob! Hope you have tailwinds all week.

I have a couple of awards to give: Most enthusiastic fan: Nicole!

Most Oreos eaten at a race: Kade!

gravy said...

Shy-est doggie ever: lapdog

Best carney arm: Kade! He knocked the bottle right out of my grasp!

Bob K said...

Kew, I would be happy to sign a contract to be Kade's agent when he gets drafted by the Red Sox. I only charge 40%.

KimC said...

Ditto for the awards for Nicol and Kade and great job to all!

Re: next year...I'll have to get the okay from Bobbie for the "name draw"...I'm not sure if she'll want to disrupt a good situation! :D

Hope you can send some pics during your adventures Bob-have a great time!

nicol said...

I like winning awards, especially giving the acceptance speech. Should I go first or should we wait and let Kade?

Bob K said...

I think those teams that won their category should get to defend, Kim :).

Thanks everybody for the well wishes, I'll try not to hurt myself this week.

Bob K said...

Go ahead, Nicol. Kade won several awards, so we'll wait for him.

Bob K said...

BTW, I agree with Nicol being very enthusiastic, and the dog being kind of weird.

kew said...

Bob -- don't forget to frame-pump Team Pink for me!

Bob K said...


When we approach to pass them this year, they better not pull over to pee.