Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TdN - Days 4 and 5

On day 4 we rode from Ponca to West Point - the longest ride of the tour at about 76 miles. Fortunately, there was little wind and there were a good number of places to stop on the way - we took a short break in Allen, stopped in Wakefield at a gas station while Bruce and Alisa visited with a former colleague of Alisa's, rode past the Wayne chicken, and grabbed a beer in Wisner.

Allen rest stop.

Cyclists riding down the hill into Allen.

After almost reeling in the pink train on the way into Beemer (a race in which only one side knew they were racing), we stopped for lunch at the Hay Barn. This lady had to prepare everybody's food in full view of the bar. I think we made her very nervous.

There was not much to do in West Point but set up camp and go to the banquet. Here are pics from the banquet.

Several of us began calling this the "Dead Presidents Tour". There was one guy with a ponytail who looked just like George Washington, and the guy in the red shirt with his legs crossed below looked just like Ben Franklin.

Yes, I know Ben Franklin was not a president, and you can't tell he looks like Ben Franklin because there is a cup in front of his face. Just go with it and trust me, give him a kite and a thunderstorm, and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

We woke up on the morning of day 5 to the sound of rain and David R. singing "The hills are alive, with the sound of whining". Because I only brought my cell phone along for pics, and it spent most of the day in a baggie in my jersey pocket, so the only pic I have from the last day is from the rest stop about 20 miles in during a break in the rain.

Thus ends the 2009 TdN posts.

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