Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TdN Day 1

Rich starts us off with instructions.

On the road Platte Center to Tilden.  Only bad part of 
the  ride - I put a 1 inch slash in a brand new rear
tire when I ran over a piece of metal on the shoulder
of the highway.  Had to boot it with a $20 bill (all I had on me)
in order to finish the ride.

We camped in Tilden on a field by the pool. The
pool temperature was about 78 degrees - shocking when
you first jump in, but great once you got acclimated.

The Broom Babes performing in Tilden - kind of like
a small town version of Stomp.

We were hit by three severe thunderstorms in Tilden.
The first one came at around 9:30 p.m. with quarter to
golf ball sized hail and heavy rain. Fortunately, the
sheriff evacuated us from the campgrounds.
The second storm came around 10:30 and featured
a tornado warning but no touchdown. This third came at
4:30 a.m. with 60 mph winds while we were in our tents. It was
quite the wake up call.


kew said...

Ah, the circle of death... I assume you observed tent erections?

nicol said...

What did you do when those winds hit? Do tents stay up?

Bob K said...

No hilarious tent erections this year, Kew. Nicol, some people had tent poles break or tents rip. Mine was fine - but there were a few times when the entire front of my tent was lying on me while I was in my sleeping bag. You can be sure that everybody was extra careful about how they staked their tents on the rest of the trip.