Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TdN Days 2 and 3

I didn't take that many pictures on the road on days 2 and 3, so I'll combine those and then put more pics from Ponca in the next post. Day 2 was Tilden to Bloomfield, day 3 was from Bloomfield to Ponca.

We started the day on a flat road, heading north. After about
30 miles, Bill, David, Alisa, and Bruce headed further north
to get in a century for Bill's birthday.

Daniel hammering up a hill. I have a fun story about riding
with Daniel and his father I'll share in person. If I put everything
in the blog, then I won't have anything left to tell folks
on the next ride :)

Some of the rest stops were quite interesting. In Hartington
there was supposed to be a brunch in a park - but when
we got there they weren't even close to being ready.
Sometimes the towns don't really believe Susan when she
tells them how early we will arrive.Since the brunch wasn't ready,
this lady and kids garnered a huge crowd for homemade
cookies and lemonade.

At some point early on day 3, Bruce, Alisa and I passed a large tent in
a field to our left. I thought it was for an afternoon wedding, but
Bruce saw a wine tasting sign, so we turned around and sampled
some Nebraska wine at 9:30 in the morning.

At another stop in St. James, some farm ladies have grouped together
to form a community market place in an old building to help keep
the community alive. We got there too early to be ready for lunch,
but it was fun to look around.

The pie stop in Maskell on day 3 was also a highlight.

At the end of day 3, Bruce, Alisa and I stopped in Newcastle for
a great lunch. It was clean and good :) From here into Ponca,
we rode through a steady drizzle - about 12 miles of
being completely soaked.


kew said...

What a bunch of booze hounds!

Very nice. You know had I been there, we'd have had a bottle.

Torrell looks like he's enjoying eating those nice people out of house and home. ;)

jmesserer said...

I have been waiting to ready your review of the tour. It is painful knowing what I missed. Wish I could of been part of the line and the circle.

Kew, did you have a herniated disk in your neck also? I thought I hear you had some kind of neck pain? Ask, just an case you can help me cause.

Bob K said...

Not sure you would have wanted a whole bottle - not the greatest wine in the world. Bob T. was riding with a complete loaded touring setup and bought a bottle to put in his bag. We drank it the last night in camp - to mixed reviews, at best.

Both Kew and the tandem riders were missed - I got numerous questions about all three of you.

Bob K said...

BTW - if you look at the bike in front of the lemonade stand - that's Bob T.'s fully loaded Surly LHT. He was practicing for an unsupported tour later this summer.

kew said...

I noticed BobT's loaded LHT -- very nice Bob (if you read this blog). I agree with jmesserer -- seeing these pics makes me sad I missed it.

Jmesserer -- yeah, I had a herniated disc in my neck last fall. All better now, though. I do have some permanent nerve damage from it, but nothing I can't live with.

You had one too? Shoot me an e-mail if you want more info: bw74102@windstream.net