Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Good Time Was Had By All

Since many of my cycling friends were entered (even Gravy), and not wanting to be left out, I recruited my friend Peter B. to team up with me in the TNT duathlon Sunday morning at Pioneers Park. On Saturday I rode out to the park to do a lap - the elk were happy with the cool weather.

On Sunday the morning began kind of rainy, and although the course was wet, traction on the road was pretty good. I haven't been in a race of any kind since I ran track in high school (30 years ago), and I had never raced on a bike, so I was pretty nervous about dealing with the turns at speed. Fortunately, I don't go that fast - so it wasn't really a problem.

Everybody did great and had fun - no pics from the race, but I did take some at the post-race celebration. This table pretty well dominated the team divisions. For those of you who read the previous post by Kew and followed the extensive handicapping and smack talk, here are the results of the teams listed in his post (teams are listed in order of overall finish as well):

Kim C/Bobbie - 1st place, womens division
Loupy G./Da Term - 2nd place, coed division
Bob K./Peter B. - 1st place, mens division
Gravy/Kew - 2nd place, mens division

Katie got sick and couldn't run with Janna, so Kevin rode the bike and Janna ran.

Here are some pics from our celebration at the FOX restaurant:

Kew and Gravy

Loup Garou and Da Term

Kew, Gravy, Loupy G.

Anna, Da Term, and Kim C.

Peter and his wife Debbie

Bob K. and Peter

I have no idea what they're doing.

We also celebrated Kew's recent b-day.

Thanks to those who talked me into trying a race, and thanks as well to those who came out and cheered. I loved cresting that hill to the sound of all of you yelling.


nicol said...

When was your birthday, Kew? Happy belated birthday and good job yesterday by everyone! It was fun cheering for y'all.

Bob K said...

Thanks for coming out, Nicol. It really helps you get up and over the hill when there are people there.

nicol said...

It was so cool seeing so many of my buddies race! And, you're welcome.

gravy said...

Nicol, you're a much better high fiver then that other yahoo in the hawaiian print! He was limpy wimpy in the wrist!

I had soooo much fun I'll never have to do that again!


Bob K said...

I was too busy trying not to puke to high five anybody.

nicol said...

You stuck out your tongue though, as in "UGH, I made it up that hill," as you flew by. :) Do you remember doing that?

Bob K said...

I don't remember flying by - maybe more like crawling by.

kew said...

My b-day was Saturday, Nicol. Thanks for coming out -- was great to have some peeps out there to see me in agony.

If not for Gravy's parachute of a shirt, I believe we'd have come in second.

nicol said...

The bug boxer shorts picked up more wind though than that shirt, don't you think?