Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Toodling on the 4th

4th of July Ride:

When - 8:00 am

Meeting place - Zestos (Wilderness Perk) - 14th and Pine Lake

Destination - Cortland Bar and Grill for toast and beer (if they're open)

Pace - Tooooodlin'

Gravy, Jendeluxe, Adrian? and I are in.  Anybody else?


kew said...

Unfortunately, I can't make it. I'm traveling for the holiday weekend.

This is the sexual innuendo ride of the year. I sincerely hope you guys follow the theme of the inaugural "stiff and vulnerable" ride.

I trust Gravy and Jen will keep you on topic. Throw a couple crass comments out for me.

KimC said...

Geez...and I have to work! Maybe I can show up for a little while.

Bob K said...

I received a message from Jen this morning that she can't come - so I am going to do Adrian's off-road ride instead.