Thursday, September 25, 2008

FAC on Friday

Where: Marz (12th & O street or thereabouts)
When: Friday (duh)
Who: the cool people
Time: 4:30-5-ish or whenever you can get there
How: Because we live in a free society
Why: Occasional chuckles and the slight possibility of seeing me turn Marz into a raging disco


gravy said...

Really... the only reason you're going is cuz Bobk can't make it. That's kinda mean, man.

In other news... please tell yer wife that my "ladies night" comment was an obtuse attack on tinkerbell's masculinity and had nothing to do with you and the ladies.

Speaking of ladies... you were late so you missed all the "gravy and the ladies" talk...

kew said...

any mention of me and the ladies to my wife would get nothing but a chuckle out of her.

YOU and the ladies, however -- you'll have to fill me in at FAC.