Monday, September 1, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Rating recent bike rides in chronological order:

- last Wednesday I had maybe my worst day ever on the bike. Much of it was due to the fact that with the start of school and some other commitments, I had done only one ride in two weeks. Some of it was due to a wicked head wind, some of it was due to being stupid. After leading the group out to 14th street, as I was rotating back I let a gap form at a stoplight. As the front group was only about 50 yards ahead of me, I decided to try to hammer and catch them rather than wait for the group behind me - putting me in my usual no-man's land. No dice - I couldn't close the gap, and I could feel myself beginning to blow up so I decided to just relax and ride my own pace. Just about then, Gravy pulls up behind me with the rest of the group, so I figure I better pick it up and see if we can catch the lead group again. Gravy sensed I was struggling and came around me to take the lead, but it was to late for me, I was completely gone. I made it about 5 more minutes and had to pull out of the line.

I finished solo - riding just out to Roca road and back on 77 - a total of about 19 miles at a blazing average pace of 14.5 mph. I almost had to get off the bike and rest going up that hill south of Saltillo :(

- on Saturday I went out with the Wilderness Perk group to Hallam. There was very little wind, and for the first time in a long time, the pace going to Cortland was quite reasonable, allowing the whole group to stay comfortably together. It was also nice to have a bunch of new people from UN-L show up for their first group ride. There was a new guy from Denver (Trevor, I think his name was) who was really strong.

We averaged about 16.5 mph out to Cortland, but once we headed for Hallam, it was ON. There were about 8 of us who continued to Hallam, and the pace picked up to about 22-25 mph all the way back to 77. I was quite happy to hang on all the way to 77, but when the pace picked up to 28-30 mph on hiway 77 going home, Bill G. and I hung back and rode home together. We still ended up averaging over 19 mph for the 46 mile ride - much better than Wednesday.

Bad - the headwind on Labor Day. I couldn't get up in time for the Mahoney Park ride, and I found out on Sunday night that a friend of mine was planning on riding out to Cortland with a buddy on the Jamaica trail on their mountain bikes, so I decided that I would ride out there, do the Hallam loup, and by the time I
was finished they would catch up and we could meet at Leann's for breakfast. It worked out perfectly, but man, that headwind was a killer. I did manage to get some nice pics of the sunflower field on the way to Hallam, though.

Now the good, the bad, and the ugly from recent blog posts:

Good - I am liking the trend towards posts about FACs and rides ending with either margaritas and/or chalices of beer.

Bad - I was unable to make the recent FAC, nor did I have the energy to make it to Las Margaritas on last Wednesday's ride (see above "Ugly" ride description). Also, what is the deal with the recent teamFIRE crashes? Kevin M. and Nicol having mishaps in the same week - are the green jerseys losing their magic? :(

Ugly - Regarding Kew's recently withdrawn post (suffering from blog vulnerability, hmm?) - I wasn't there at the FAC last Friday, but suffice it to say, in my 30 years as a professional musician playing bars, wedding dances, etc. - I have seen an enormous number of 40 year old Caucasian males dance. Generally speaking, it's not pretty.


Adrian_O said...

Bob-great riding with you Saturday morning. Great pic of those sunflower fields. I was thinking of heading back to take a few click myself.

kew said...

Bob: not vulnerable -- it just didn't have much to do with jazz or bikes.

Dissing my dancing? You're probably right, but I learned long ago to put having a good time over what others think ;)

Bob K said...

Change the name of the blog to Jazz-n-Bikes-n-Beer?

kew said...

may be more fitting :) -- BTW, you're not alone in going through a riding funk (for lack of a better term). I haven't had much ambition to go on any long rides as of late. Don't know if it's the season change or the recent accidents to teamFIRE people or just me aging.

nicol said...

That's right, Kew. Fun over what others think. I can't believe BobK just dissed your dancin'.

Hi BobK! :)

I have been noticing all the sunflowers lately too. They are de-lightful and de-licious and de-lovely.

Bob K said...

You know, having fun is one thing, but certain acts just have to be refrained from for the safety of the general public. :)

Kew, regarding the getting old part - I am finding I do lots better with a loooong warm-up period, and lots of recovery. If I go too hard too early, I blow up. I think I made it much farther into the ride on Saturday because we took it so easy for the first hour or so.

Adrian_O said...

Bob - have you tried EPO?

gravy said...

I find that when I start rides at the back, I finish rides at the back... and finishing a ride at a nice watering hole is what it's all about!

BTW- Kew dances 2,000,000% better than I ever could.

nicol said...

He's gots da swing moves! Kew's not the typical 40 something year old guy you're talkin' about BobK! You should invite him to a gig you're playing at sometime and watch him go. :)

Bob K said...

I haven't tried EPO, but I like IPA.

Bob K said...

You know what, Nicol, I'm just jealous because I couldn't come on Friday.

BTW - I have posted some of my upcoming gigs that are open to the public in the right hand column - hope to see some of you there!

nicol said...

I think those who were there would agree that it was very loud. My head was pounding when I left. It would have been nice to have had BobK there too! The musicians were a bunch of professors from Weslyan. Did Silo mention that to you? They were pretty good.

I'll look at your gig dates. Thanks for posting them.

kew said...

I wouldn't say is was real loud. It wasn't background music, but it wasn't blow your ears off level, either. I had a good time.

BTW, Nicol -- I did make the softball game. It wasn't pretty, though.