Monday, September 8, 2008

A lot of "peeps" went out of town today. Is anyone riding today for the BR&F ride?

An additional question... anyone want to meet up for lunch on Thursday? I'm thinking sometime after 11:30am... cuz I have a stuh-pid training meeting that day.


Bob K said...

No ride for me tonight - I have a gig at Brewskys.

Keep me posted on lunch Thursday - might be able to make that.

gravy said...;_ylt=AoMi8gRrfZokrR2npMDg6L85nYcB?slug=ap-armstrong-comeback&prov=ap&type=lgns


kew said...

I might be able to do lunch on Thursday -- let me know time/place.

gravy said...

Meet at the centrum overhang area... 12th and O at noon.

We can determine destination then.

kew said...

be there, or be lame.

(i just made that up)

gravy said...

that's fair, you obtuse rhombus.

kew said...

well, I'm lame. I CAN'T MAKE IT. Just looked at my calendar and I have a lunch meeting on Thursday.


Bob K said...

Don't wait for me - I probably won't know if I have time until I finish my lessons that morning.

gravy said...

Well... if Kevv and bobk can't make it... I'm not going either!

(actually, I just found out I'm dweebing thursday so I've got to get to scheming for that anyways...)

maybe next week?