Monday, September 29, 2008

Rough Weekend

I had quite the weekend. On Friday afternoon I rode up with a couple of other musicians to rehearse and play a show with Joe Piscopo. We stopped at the Thai Spice in Omaha for lunch (108th and Maple, best Thai food in Nebraska), then headed to the venue for a 2 1/2 hour rehearsal. Joe showed up for the last 45 minutes or so - nice guy, BTW, and a real pro. He sang, played about 5 different instruments, did comedy bits and impressions, interacted with the audience, auctioned off chances to dance with him, and generally brought a lot of Vegas energy to a room of about 200 (I kind of felt sorry for him - it seems kind of a tough way to make a living for a guy who had made it to the big time. Maybe he knew somebody on the board of the charity we were raising money for - or knew somebody who benefits from the charity). Here he is (sorry for the blurry pic) auctioning off a chance to dance with him after the show.

Anyway, we had about 2 hours or so to kill after the rehearsal before the show, so we headed to Old Chicago to have a beer - on the way I get a text message from my wife to call her - it seems my son snapped his ankle playing ultimate frisbee down at Cook Pavilion. She later sent me a picture message of his ankle before the doctors reset it (WARNING - don't click if you have a weak stomach) you can see the pic here if you want. It was pretty horrifying to see that and not be able to be at the hospital with my wife and kid. The gig went until about 11 pm, so I didn't get home in time to head to the hospital until the next day.

On Saturday instead of going on the Wilderness Perk ride, I went to the hospital where he was having surgery to fix his ankle. He came home Saturday afternoon, and we spent the rest of the weekend taking turns taking care of him.

So, no rides for me this weekend.

Hope that the FAC was fun, and that you all had a better weekend than I (or my kid).


Adrian_O said...

Hope he heals fast!

nicol said...

I didn't look at the picture. When you said, "snapped," that was enough for me. Yeah, I bet that was tough for you to be gone and get that call.

Bob K said...

No blood or bones sticking out or anything, but it definitely should not look like that. Tommy said that he knew something was really wrong when he could see the bottom of his shoe as he was laying on the turf :(

kew said...

Oh man, sorry to hear that. I didn't click on the link either. I still have Joe Theisman's "leg snap" image burned into my brain.

gravy said...

Well, if no one else is looking, I won't either.

I got the joe theisman prob too.

Adrian_O said...

I saw it. not too bad. Go it.

LoupGarou said...

I used to have the Theisman snap on vhs tape. Always loved watching it over and over and over again. Always a great party show.

I saw the pic, didn't look bad, no broken tissue, just laying at a funny angle. Hope your kid heals quick.