Monday, September 22, 2008

Updating the Blog

Adrian thinks this blog needs to be updated. I thought I'd wait until there was something moderately interesting to write about, but I guess that's never stopped me from posting before. On Saturday it was a pretty routine ride out to Hallam, except for the two flats (Kim and Paul). We need to show Paul the miracles of the quick release system, he pulled the whole skewer out of his front wheel before anybody could say not to.

I did try to get hit by a car coming up 77 as Roca road merges going north. The other four in the group at this point went ahead of the car as it was coming down the on ramp, but I waited. The car then slowed, making me think she was waiting for me, so I waved my thanks, which evidently was mistaken for me signaling the car through. The car then sped up, I stopped - accident avoided. I hate it when drivers try to give us the right of way when we shouldn't have it - causes too much confusion. They seem to do that a lot on that crossing on Old Cheney - I always just wave them through. You never know what the car in the far lane is going to do.

So, in lieu of anything else interesting to report, here is a picture of a bicycle with a fair amount of saddle to bar drop. I'm guessing the owner either has really long legs and a short torso, is really flexible, or bought a bike that may have been a tad too small :)

Credit to G60 from Bike Forums for the photochop job.

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