Sunday, September 14, 2008

Motivation and Rainy Days

I woke up Saturday morning, looked out the window, and saw dark, overcast skies, and wet roads and sidewalks. I was temped to go back to bed, wake up late, maybe go to the bike swap, and then head downtown to watch my son's rehearsal at Memorial Stadium.

However, I dragged my butt out of bed, slathered on the bag balm, threw on the kit, and headed out the door at the last second to join up with the Wilderness Perk 8:00 ride. I'm really glad I did, as the only three who were there - Paul, Avery, and Kaylee (sp?) are all graduate students new to the Lincoln area, and had no real idea of where to go. With a light west wind, I proposed that we ride to Sprague, then head to Crete, and then back through Denton. Perfect route for me - if they drop me, they can't find their way back home!

We had a great ride, in absolutely perfect riding weather - the road was a little wet for the first 40 minutes, but then the sun came out, the road dried up, and the long-sleeve baselayers went in the jersey pockets.

No grasshopper infestation on this ride, but an unusually high amount of roadkill - toads, frogs, snakes, possum, even what looked like a porcupine.

Thinking back on the ride later, I realized that, although sometimes the process of getting out of bed and getting geared up for a long ride seems like a pain for an old guy like me, I never regret it once I get moving on the bike. In contrast, I always regret it when I don't ride in perfect weather like we had on Saturday - we just don't get that many days that offer perfect riding weather, along with the time for a good ride.


Adrian_O said...

Way to go Bob!~

nicol said...

I think that's true, BobK. Sometimes very little motivation gets me out there too, but I cannot think of one ride I have ever been unmotivated to go on that later I regretted that I went.

Bob K said...

Exactly, Nicol. I've never said to myself "Man, I wish I hadn't come out today".

But I have many times thought "I can't believe I wussed out and didn't ride today".